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2nd Graz Evaluative Language Workshop

Dienstag, 01.08.2023

We are glad to announce the 2nd Graz Evaluative Language Workshop. The workshop will take place from the 18th - 19th of September 2023 at the University of Graz. Everybody is welcome to attend. A preliminary schedule can be found below. If you’re interested in attending, please send an email to katharina.felka(at)uni-graz.at to receive further information. 


September 18 

9.30 -9.45: Welcome 

9.50-11.00: Talking of beauty (Teresa Marques) 

11.20-12.30: TBA (Pekka Väyrynen) 

14.30-15.40: How to be a metasemantic expressivist (Will Gamester)

16.00-17.10:  Conceptual supervenience for inferentialists (Christine Tiefensee)


September 19

09.50-11.00: What do normative concepts reveal? (Matti Eklund)

11.20-12.30: Inferentialism and moral psychology (James Brown) 

14.30-15.40: Evaluation and secondary content (Katharina Felka and Nils Franzén)

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