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Call for Papers: The Atlas of the Irreverse

Donnerstag, 04.05.2023

We are pleased to announce our call for papers for our transdisciplinary publication The Atlas of the Irreverse —  a work on irreversibility that will embrace contributions from a wide range of disciplines and feature, for example, artistic exploration, scientific pieces, political manifestos and philosophical discussions.

The Irreverse is a world defined by the principle of irreversibility – the negation of the ability to go back, to undo, to rewind, to repair. The Irreverse is the world we live in; it is a world, which seems to be dramatically accelerating towards its irrevocable ends. Yet despite our experience that life passes irreversibly, we notice that for small systems, it is often possible to reverse, or undo, an action. Where is the source, or origin, of irreversibility? 

We accept text-based, visual-based and free contributions; for full details on submission formats and details of the project, see the attached pdf, or visit our website www.the-irreverse.zone

Submission deadline: Friday 2nd June 2023 at 23:59 in any timezone.

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