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New Publication: Exposing the Biblical Beginnings of Nationalism by Laurin Mackowitz

Dienstag, 16.03.2021

Laurin Mackowitz' article "Exposing the Biblical Beginnings of Nationalism" was published in People and Ideas on the Move edited by Marija Wakounig and Ferdinand Kühnel, Europa Orientalis Band 20, Wien 2020.

Laurin Mackowitz' article explores the foundations of the idea of nationality in the biblical story of the Israelite's exodus out of Egypt. Interpreting Baruch Spinoza's and Sigmund Freud's critical examinations of Exodus, crucial elements of national identity formation are traced back to the biblical narrative: the Chimera of the collective body, the pride in progress, and the antagonism to heresy. In conclusion, referring to Judith Butler and Edward Said, arguments for a cosmopolitan re-reading of Exodus are contrasted with the persistence of nationalist subjectification.


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