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Vortrag: The Uninhabitability of 'Heimat': Metaphorical Fallacies Caused by Linking Dwelling with Territory

Donnerstag, 29.07.2021

Laurin Mackowitz präsentierte Forschungen zur Unbewohnbarkeit von Heimat bei den Central European Talks 2021 des Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies an der Universität von Alberta.

“Heimat” or “Homeland” metaphorically links dwelling and territory. This metaphorical association is not only uninhabitable, but in fact produces uninhabitability. For both insiders and outsiders, “homeland” remains a fictional place and ultimately a illusory void. Erroneous conclusions from dwelling to territory lead to flaws in our theoretical understanding of place and belonging as well as to fatal consequences for practices of inclusion and engagement.

Zum Nachhören: https://www.ualberta.ca/wirth-institute/online-programming/lectures-and-podcasts/wan-central-european-talks-2021/laurin-mackowitz.html

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