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Workshop "Current perspectives on climate justice"

22.05.2018 09:30 - 23.05.2018 17:30
Bringing Reading and Graz climate research communities together. 22-23 May 2018 – University of Graz

Room SR 24.K3

22 May


Room SR 24.K3

22 May


Registration and coffee

Session 1: Climate Change Burden Sharing Debate

Chairing: Eike Düvel


The Limit of Climate Justice: Unfair Sacrifice & Aggregate Harm Alex McLaughlin (University of Reading)
Comments by: Bennet Francis (University of Reading)


Coffee break


Emissions rights supersession
Santiago Truccone Borgogno (University of Graz) Comments by: Adam Pearce (University of Reading)


Lunch break

Session 2: Geoengineering

Chairing : Santiago Truccone Borgogno


A Proposal to Reduce the likelihood of Moral Corruption when Governing Geoengineering
Joshua Wells (University of Reading)
Comments by: Lidia Messling (University of Reading)


Clare Heyward (University of Graz) Comments from: Joshua Wells (University of Reading)


Coffee break


*Reading groups:
Structural Injustice
(Room SR 24.K3) Sustainable Transformations (Room SR 24.K1)


City tour


Social dinner


Kaiser-Josef-Platz 4 


Room SR 24.K3

23 May


Registration and coffee

Session 3: Loss and Damage

Chairing : Daniel Petz


Towards Climate Justice in Adaptation: Theorising about the Future as Hope
Africa Bauza (University of Reading)
Comments by: Kian Mintz-Woo (University of Graz)


Moral responsibility as answerability for historical emissions: overcoming the excusable ignorance objection.
Laura García-Portela (University of Graz)
Comments by: Jamie Draper (University of Reading)


Lunch break

Session 4: Future Generations

Chairing : Laura García-Portela


Fixing the Scope of Climate Justice
Livia Luzzatto (University of Reading) Comments by: Eike Düvel (University of Graz) 


The normative evaluation of Negative Emission Technologies Harald Stelzer (University of Graz)


Coffee break


*Reading groups: Methodology (Room SR 24.K3) Loss &Damage (Room SR 24.K1)


Visit to Schlossberg


Social dinner

Thomawirt Leonhardstraße 40-42, 8010 Graz

24 May

Hiking trip to Schökl.

Meeting point at Jakomini Platz:


Location HS 34.K1 Attemsgasse 25

Keynote Speaker:

Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington)

*Information about the Reading groups.

Each day we will discuss two articles on climate justice or related topics in two overlapping reading groups (each group two articles). You could decide which group you want to join. We would appreciate if you can send an email to Laura García-Portela (laura.garcia-portela@uni- telling us if you want to take part on the reading groups and in which of the overlapping reading groups you are more interested. For example: first day, sustainable transformations; second day, methodology.

Here you can find all the texts for the reading groups one week before the workshop (14 May):

Information for speakers and commentators:

Each of us will have 20 minutes to present his or her paper. Commentators will take 10 minutes. After that, we will have 30 minutes of open discussion for each paper.

Here you can find the draft-papers that will be discussed (deadline for submission, 14 May):

Location of the seminar rooms: Mozartgasse 8/1, 8010, Graz. Seminar rooms are located in the cellar of the building.

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact (for questions concerning Graz); or (for general questions regarding the workshop). 

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