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Guest Researchers


Celia Cabrera has a Ph.D. in Philosophy (University of Buenos Aires) and is a Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, Argentina). Her main research interests are focused on the field of Husserlian Phenomenology. During the stay at Graz University (Ernst Mach Grant – follow up), she will carry out a research project on Husserl’s understanding of value experience, concentrating especially on its structure, its genetic dimension, and its meaning and relevance for a pheno­menological account of ethics (Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision about the precise date of the research stay is still pending.)

Fabio Rovigo completed his Master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Trento and at the Technical University of Dresden (double-degree programme). He has been visiting student at the Husserl-Archive of the University of Cologne and scientific assistant in the DFG-project “Nicolai Hartmann: Die Cirkel-Protokolle (1920-1950)” at the TU Dresden. His research work focuses on the social philosophy of Edmund Husserl. His main area of interest is Husserl’s account of communication and social acts. The aim of his research project at the University of Graz (entitled Community, Values and Agreement: Communicative Acts in Husserl’s Phenome­nological Axiology), which is funded by an Ernst Mach Grant, is to explore the interplay bet­ween Husserl’s account of communicative acts and his phenomenological value theory. (Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic the decision about the precise date of the research stay is still pending.)

Kemal Kikanovic is a M.A. student and research assistant at philosophy department at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul. He received his B.A. degree in Islamic Theology from Marmara University after which he eventually switched his interest towards philosophy. During his B.A. studies he took part in various exchange programs, international conferences and talks, experiencing the education in countries such as Oman, Malaysia and Qatar. After being accepted for full scholarship and one year of scientific preparation at Ibn Hladun University, he started working as a teaching assistant for one semester before getting the position of research assistant. The main areas of his interest are Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Epistemology, Islamic Philosophy and Science and Religion. His recent research includes Open Theism in Islamic tradition and Omnisubjectivity as a divine attribute for the solution of apparent contra­dictions and incoherence in divine attributes of omniscience and omnipresence. His current study and philosophical investigation focus on moral arguments for God, which he will partly carry out at Graz University in Austria sponsored by “Go Styria”. He plans to complete this research by the September 2021. He can be contacted at kemal.kikanovic@gmail.com.

Past (2010 ff)

Andrea Pace Giannotta (Florence/Bochum): Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide (01/10/2019-30/06/2020)

Manuela Massa (Halle, Germany): Erasmus Education (01/10/2019-31/10/2019)

Tanja Todorović (Novi Sad/Serbia): Forschungsaufenthalt (01/06/2019-31/06/2019)

Emanuela Carta (Rom/Leuven): Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide (01/12/2017-30/06/2018)

Andrei Simionescu-Panait (Bukarest, Romania), Forschungsaufenthalt (01/05/2016-31/05/2016)

Andrea Cimino (Boston, USA): Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide (15/09/2014-31/03/2015)

Celia Cabrera (Buenes Aires, Argentinia): Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide (15/01/2015-30/06/2015)

Jann Schlimme (Hannover/Berlin): Marie-Curie Project “Subjectivity and Self-Effectivity. Investigating Self-Determination in Mentally Ill Persons from the First-Person Perspective” (Intra-European Fellowship, Call FP7-People-IEF-2008) (01/05/2010-14/02/2012)

Mario Ariel González (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Forschungsaufenthalt/Mentorin (01/12/2010-27/02/2011)

Xian Ning (Nankai Uni­versity, Tianjin, China): Eurasia-Pacific Uninet Scholarship (01/04/2010-30/09/2010)

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