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Shelf Classification


organized according to subject, classics (shelf A) arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author; others arranged chronologically

A  Classics

Ae  Aesthetics

Ant  Anthropology

E  Ethics

Erk  Epistemology

EW  diverse Areas of Science

Ex  Philosophy of Existence

Fem  Feminist Philosophy

G  History of Philosophy

Gph  Philosophy of History

K  Cultural Philosophy

Kyb  Cybernetics


LB-AHS  School Textsbooks

Ma  Mathematics

Me Metaphysics

M-L  Marxism-Leninis

Mph  Metaphilosophy

N  Philosophy of Nature

Ont  Ontology

P  Political Philosophy

Ps  Psychology

R  Philosophy of Law

Rel  Philosophy of Religion

Sem  Semantics

Soz  Social Philosophy

Sp  Language Philosophy

V, VV  Varia

Wth  Philosophy of Science

U-Bi  Bibliographies

U-C  Congress Proceedings

U-Di  Didactics

U-F  Commemorative Publications

U-HA Handbooks

U-HE  Introductions to Philosophy

U-LA  Encyclopedias

U-T  Text Collections

in the Reading Room:

Dipl Diploma Theses

Diss Doctoral Theses

Hab Habilitation Theses

U-LD, U-LG, U-LL  Dictionaries

U-Lph, U-LF  special Encyclopedias

Z  Journals


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