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Philosophical Journals

co-edited by staff members

Grazer Philosophische Studien

Marian David, Martina Fürst

Grazer Philosophische Studien 91

Grazer Philosophische Studien 89 | Grazer Philosophische Studien 90


GPS was established by Rudolf Haller in 1975 with the purpose to foster and share academic work in analytic philosophy. In 2001 the editorship was transferred to Johannes L. Brandl, Marian David, Maria Reicher and Leopold Stubenberg. GPS publishes articles on philosophical problems in every area, especially articles related to the analytic tradition. Each year at least two volumes are published, some of them as special issues with invited papers.

Husserl Studies

Sonja Rinofner


Husserl Studies, established in 1984, is an international forum for the presentation, discussion, criticism, and development of Husserl's philosophy. It also publishes papers devoted to systematic investigations in the various philosophical sub-areas of phenomenological research, but the work is mainly oriented toward the development, adaptation, and/or criticism of Husserlian phenomenology.

Moral Philosophy & Politics

Lukas Meyer


Founded by Lukas Meyer, Mark Peacock (York University, Canada), Peter Schaber (Zürich University, Switzerland) and Michael Schefczyk (Leuphana University, Germany) Moral Philosophy and Politics (MPP) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which invites the submission of original philosophical articles on issues of public relevance. ‘Public relevance’ is to be understood in a broad sense. Of particular interest to the journal are the philosophical assessment of policy and its normative basis, analyses of the philosophical underpinnings or implications of political debate and reflection on the justice or injustice of the social and political structures which regulate human action. MPP is committed to the ideal of clarity, evidence-based thinking and intellectual openness; interdisciplinary work and historical approaches will be considered as long as they are relevant to contemporary issues. MPP will consider publishing both theoretical and meta-ethical work as well as work concerned with conceptual problems, if such work sheds light on political, moral, economic and social issues of contemporary societies. Contributors are expected to make clear how their work relates to these issues. MPP is published by Walter de Gruyter and will appear twice a year, starting in spring 2014.

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