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Philosophical Series

edited by staff members

Yearbook of the Karl Jaspers Society

Kurt Salamun, Harald Stelzer


The Yearbook contains the most recent results in the research on Karl Jaspers' philosophy. It is a periodical that has continually been published since 1987. Jaspers researchers from all across the world have contributed to it. Recent Yearbooks can be downloaded here.

Meinong Studies / Meinong Studien

Edited by: Alexius-Meinong-Institut

Editorial Office: Jutta Valent


Meinong Studies / Meinong Studien publishes both historical and systematic papers on the philosophy of Alexius Meinong, his school (Graz School of Philosophy and Gestalt-Theory), and its members, and it aims to present work which is directly or indirectly influenced by aspects of Meinong’s philosophy. Furthermore, the Meinong Studies are open for contributions in the analytic-phenomenological tradition, mirroring the most recent developments in those disciplines which ought to constitute the foundations of Object Theory: Ontology and Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophical Psychology, Logic and Value Theory.

Series in the Philosophy of Karl R. Popper and Critical Rationalism

Kurt Salamun and Udo Thiel


This series contains contributions of renowned researchers to Karl Popper's philosophy of Critical Rationalism.

Studien zur Österreichischen Philosophie

established by Rudolf Haller, edited by Mauro Antonelli


"My Studies are meant to initiate a series with the same title in which other authors may publish the results of their research in Austrian philosophy in order give concrete and comprehensive shape to a topic that began in constant variation. [...] With this end in mind, it is of little importance whether and to what extent my hypothesis of a discrete philosophical development of Austrian philosophy is revised or confirmed. The series that is hereby initiated aims at serving not only as a rallying point for historical interests, but also and especially as a stimulus for continuing philosophical work in this spirit." (Rudolf Haller)


Since 2008  the series "Studien zur Österreichischen Philosophie" have appeared as a joint publication by Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam - New York, NY and Verlag Königshausen und Neumann, Würzburg, Germany. The German editions are published by Verlag Königshausen und Neumann and the English editions by Editions Rodopi.

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