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Philosophical Societies

(in Austria)

Philosophical Society
at the University
of Graz

The Philosophical Society was set up in 1951 with the goal of introducing philosophical topics to a broader public and to raise interest in those topics through organizing regular evening lectures.  ... read more

für wissenschaftliche

This society was set up on 8 October 1964 with the purpose of conducting interdisciplinary and theoretical work on fundamental problems in various areas of science and stimulating contact between interested scientists.  ... read more

Research and
Documentation Center
for Austrian

The Research and Documentation Center for Austrian Philosophy was established in 1982 by Rudolf Haller and is now directed by <link typo3>Udo Thiel ... read more


Austrian Karl Jaspers SocietyThe Austrian Karl-Jaspers Society was started up in Graz in 1987. Its main activity is the edition of a Yearbook, a periodical that has continually been pubished since 1987.  .... read more
Austrian Karl Popper FoundationThe Austrian Karl Popper Foundation was established at the Philosophy Department of Graz in 1997 to do research on the philosophy of critical rationalism.  ... read more
Austrian Center of Philosophy with Children and YouthThe Austrian Center of Philosophy with Children was set up in 1985 by <link typo3 svi visitenkarte von mag. dr.phil.>Dr.phil. Daniela Camhy to promote research in philosophy with children and to advance the field in theory and practice.  ... read more
Society of
The Austrian Society of Phenomenology focuses on phenomenology and is interested in the cooperation with psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, sociologists and pedagogues. , ... read more
Austrian Philosophical SocietyFrom 1 January 2005 until 31 December 2008 the Austrian Philosophical Society was presided by Wolfgang Gombocz. Christian Hiebaum (Dept. Of Legal Philosophy) was general secretary.  ... read more
Austrian Ludwig
Wittgenstein Society
The Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society was established in 1984 and is located in Kirchberg/Wechsel, Lower Austria. It is (1) dedicated to the analysis, ... read more


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