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Guest researcher Gustavo A. Beade

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Gustavo A. Beade joined the Section Moral and Political Philosophy as a guest researcher.

Gustavo A. Beade is Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Theory at the University of Buenos Aires. He holds a Ph.D. in Law from University of Buenos Aires and works in the philosophy of criminal law and issues in moral, legal and political philosophy.

He is author of Suerte moral, castigo y comunidad (Marcial Pons: Madrid, 2017) and Inculpación y Castigo (Universidad de Palermo: Buenos Aires, 2017) and has edited four books. He was Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University and Visiting Researcher at the University of Kiel, the University of Heidelberg and the Max Planck Institute for Criminal Law and International Criminal Law. He is now working on a book about the Problem of the Moral Standing to Blame.


at the blocked colloquium workshop, he presented his work "Who can blame whom? Moral Standing to Blame and Punish deprived citizens".

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