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Susana Monsó to join the Section Moral and Political Philosophy

Monday, 05 February 2018

In March 2018, Susana Monsó will join the Section Moral and Political Philosophy of the University of Graz as a postdoc University Assistant.

Susana Monsó works at the intersection of debates in animal cognition and animal ethics. She holds a BA in Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid and an MA in Human Values and Global Ethics from King's College London. She wrote her PhD thesis on the topic of animal morality, specifically on the minimal cognitive requirements that must be met by a creature for her behaviour to count as moral.

Monsó's current research focuses on the continuity between the minds of humans and animals and the ethical implications that follow from it. She has held a post-doctoral position at the Messerli Research Institute, Vienna, and will be joining the University of Graz Institute of Philosophy, working section Moral and Political Philosophy, as a postdoc University Assistant in March. In the summer semester 2018 she will be teaching the proseminar "Animal Liberation and Its Critics" (Mondays at 11:45) and the course "The Human-Animal Divide" (Wednesdays at 11:45).

Selected publications:

Monsó, Susana. 2015. “Empathy and Morality in Behaviour Readers.” Biology & Philosophy 30 (5): 671–90.

Monsó, Susana. 2017. “Morality without Mindreading.” Mind & Language 32 (3): 338–57.

Rowlands, Mark, and Susana Monsó. 2017. “Animals as Reflexive Thinkers: The Aponoian Paradigm.” In The Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies, edited by Linda Kalof, 319–41. Oxford University Press.

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