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European Trans-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering (completed)

June 2012 – September 2014
Partner: Lukas Meyer
Post-doc: Harald Stelzer
Coordination: Mark Lawrence (Potsdam)
EU Seventh Framework Programme

Under the term Climate Engineering different techniques are summarized that aim on a planetary-scale to intentionally counteract anthropogenic climate change.

The proposed Climate Engineering methods are diverse and vary greatly in terms of their technological characteristics. Very basically, one can discriminate between solar radiation management (SRM) techniques and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) techniques. Some of these techniques have great potential but they also entail serious risks and uncertainties. CE is rapidly gaining scientific, political, commercial, and public attention, and the first national and international assessments of CE schemes have already been published. However, a distinct European perspective, particularly with regard to the EU and how CE relates to its ambitious climate targets, is still missing. The project ‘European Trans-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering (EuTRACE)’ has been formed to fill this gap.

Aims of the project are:
to assess the potential, implications, risks and uncertainties, and to develop criteria for decision aid whether or not various CE options can be implemented;
to engage in dialogue with the public, policy makers and other civil society stakeholders to adequately address concerns and perspectives and to incorporate them in the assessment;
to outline policy options and pathways for the EU and the challenges CE poses;
to identify the most important gaps in current understanding of climate engineering.

14 partner organizations from five countries ranging from the natural sciences & engineering, social sciences and the humanities have joined forces to address these questions. The assessment approach of EuTRACE is supported by European-level policy makers, and the consortium has already established partnerships with a large international network of top researchers from Europe, North America and Asia.


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Office and project management
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