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Rights to a Green Future. Uncertainty, Intergenerational Human Rights and Pathways to Realization (ENRI-Future) (completed)

May 2011 – May 2015
Member of Steering Committee and Coordinator of the working group 3 “Climate change: risks & rights”: Lukas Meyer
Members of the Network: Lukas Meyer, Claudia Reitinger, Dominic Roser, Pranay Sanklecha, Harald Stelzer, Amelie Stuart, Alexa Zellentin
Funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF)

Climate change, limited energy resources and population growth raise questions about moral and political obligations towards future generations. For several reasons, the current discussions in ethics, political philosophy, law, risk assessment and economy insufficiently address these normative dimensions.

First, the uncertainty of the future forms a severe obstacle for a moral assessment of political options while a convincing ethics of risk and precaution is still missing.

Second, the plea for a sustainable politics has its foundation in obligations currently living people have with regard to future generations. These obligations conflict with the established human rights-framework.

Third, all political strategies towards a sustainable politics have normative and contested implications. Without clarification of these normative dimensions the discourses about sustainability become rather meaningless. Collaborative research to identify the interrelationships between all dimensions and the development of a research agenda for a future-centered ethics of the environment is urgently needed.

Events in Graz:
International Workshop: ‘Shaping a Sustainable World: Interconnecting Sustainability Scenarios, Intergenerational Human Rights, Risks, and Motivation & Governance Issues’, Schloss Seggau, 12-14. September 2012 (organized by Harald Stelzer, Claudia Reitinger and Lukas Meyer).
International Workshop, “Climate change: Risks & Rights”, Graz, November 2013 (organized by Lukas Meyer and Harald Stelzer)


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