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06 Debra Benita Shaw speaks about architecture for ideal bodies and the politics of monsters in posturban spaces


Debra Benita Shaw is a reader in cultural theory at the University of East London. In Technoculture: The Key Concepts (2013) she demonstrates how technoculture revolutionized the ways we speak, work, and act, inquiring a range of subjects from the sexuality of the Walkman to the military dispositive of bioengineered food or cloned bodies. In her latest book Posthuman Urbanism: Mapping Bodies in Contemporary City Space (2018) she takes these issues to the hybrid spaces of 21st century cities, where the binary oppositions between the city and the countryside as well as between reality and cyberspace no longer provide persuasive models to describe what it means to be human in the city.


Laurin Mackowitz interviewed Debra Benita Shaw on September 14th 2021.


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