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From: Laws Governing University Studies, §§ 26 (6), (7), 27 (7) and (8):

In the treatment of the topic and the supervision of students, the provisions of the Austrian Copyright Act, Federal Legal Gazette No. 111/1936 must be observed.

The completed master’s or diploma thesis shall be submitted to the director of studies for assessment in printed and electronic form (PDF format). The exploitation rights of the person submitting the thesis pursuant to the Copyright Act shall remain unaffected. The thesis shall be examined using suitable electronic means to determine whether the thesis complies with the rules and principles of good academic practice and does not exploit the intellectual property of others without authorisation. The report on the results of the examination shall be prepared within 14 days and given to the supervisor.

The director of studies shall give the master’s or diploma thesis to the supervisor, who shall assess the thesis within two months after submission and provide a written statement of the reasons for the assessment. If the master’s or diploma thesis is not assessed within two months, the director of studies shall, upon the student’s petition, reassign the master's or diploma thesis to a different university teacher pursuant to para. 3 or 4 for assessment. 

If the plagiarism check of the assessor reveals that the author has made use of the intellectual property of others without declaring it as such or by violating the rules of good academic practice, the thesis shall be assessed negatively.

If this is only discovered after the thesis has been positively assessed, proceedings for annulment of the assessment pursuant to § 35 para. 5 Study Law (§ 74 para. 2 UG) shall be instituted. If the assessment of the academic thesis is annulled, this shall lead to the revocation of an already awarded academic degree pursuant to § 89 UG.

In consultation with the director of the university library and the students’ representatives, the director of studies shall stipulate more specific regulations regarding the submission, archiving and possible provision in electronic form of theses in a separate decree.

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