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Registration for Courses

Students must register for courses themselves using our registration system UNIGRAZonline.

>> How to register for courses?

To register for courses please authenticate yourself in UNIGRAZonline.

Courses with limited access for students

When you place yourself on a waitlist you will be assigned a position number. The lower your position, the higher your priority to get a seat in a course.  The position numbers are assigned according to the following criteria: compulsory before optional course – total number of ECTS credits accumulated – number of semesters completed - lot.

A student on a waitlist cannot receive a grade.

Enrollment Deadlines for New Students

For more details on deadlines and admission requirements please visit the website:

Introductory phase of the study programs in Unigrazonline (STEOP)

For details on the introductory phase of the study programs go here.

Details for students studying Lehramt:
Informationsblatt zur Orientierungslehrveranstaltung für Lehramtsstudierende.


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