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Marian David

Prof. Dr. Marian David has been Full Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Graz since 1 Juli 2012. He studied philosophy and linguistics in Graz before continuing his studies in Boulder, Colorado.  He completed his PhD at the University of Arizona at Tucson in 1990 (under the supervision of Vann McGee and Keith Lehrer). From 2003-2012 he was Full Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. His taking up a professorship in Graz was a return to his academic roots.

Prof. David's areas of specialization are Philosophy of Mind/Language, Theories of Truth and Content, and Epistemology. His areas of competence are History of Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Logic, and History of Analytic Philosophy. He is currently directing the FWF-research project The Fragmented Mind. Agency, Belief, Rationality.


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